What is the difference between gamete and allele ? Explain with example

Gametes are sex cells produced by the sex organs. Gametes are of two types, male and female. For example, pollen grains and egg cell are the male and female gametes in plants respectively. The gametes on fusion give rise to the zygote. Allele- Alleles are the alternative form of a gene present on homologous chromosomes. They occupy the same position on a chromosome and affecting the same characteristic but in alternative ways.

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alleles are alternate or same form of gene for the same or different trait of a character, it is inside chromosome.

gamete are haploid cells which contains the chromosomeand gene is inside chromosome.

pollen grain is a gamete,which contain chromosome for hereidity information and chromosome carries alleles such as TT(for tallnes), tt (for dwarfness)which detemine the genotype and phenotyoe of plant.


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