what is the difference between parliamentary and assembly constituencies ?

Parliamentary Constituencies

 Legislative Assembly Constituencies

a. For Lok Sabha elections the entire country is divided into 543 constituencies.

In case of State Legislative elections, it is only the state which is divided into various constituencies.

b. Parliamentary constituency is larger in size and covers various state assembly constituencies within it.

It is relatively smaller in size as it is within a particular state.

c. Each constituency roughly covers equal population.

 Within a state as well the demarcation of constituencies is in proportion to population.


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I think the parliamentary constituencies are divided into assembly constituencies.

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  • Under Article 82 of the Constitution, the Parliament by law enacts a Delimitation Act after every census. After coming into force commencement of the Act, the Central Government constitutes a Delimitation Commission. This Delimitation Commission demarcates the boundaries of the Parliamentary Constituencies also known as electoral conatituencies as per provisions of the Delimitation Act. The present delimitation of constituencies is based on 1971 census figures. Population is the basis of allocation of parliamnetary constituencies of the Lok Sabha. As far as possible, every State gets representation in the Lok Sabha in proportion to its population as per census figures.
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