What is the difference between plane and spherical mirrors ?

Following are three main differences between spherical and plane mirrors:

1. A plane mirror has only one kind of reflecting surface which is the plane surface. A spherical mirror has two types of reflecting surface: concave surface and convex surface.

2. The radius of curvature of a plane mirror is at infinity. The radius of curvature of spherical mirror has a finite length.

3. The image produced by a plane mirror is always virtual. The image produced by a concave reflecting surface can be real as well as virtual.

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plane mirrors are the mirrors which are flat like looking mirrors. spherical mirrors are curved and they are of 2 types :concave and convex

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 plane mirrors are plane and form virtual images.Spherical mirrors have a curve in them

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 ok....thankyou....please tell me what is concave and convex mirror alond with diagram ?

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A plane mirror is flat, so your image is the same size as you.

A spherical mirror is curved. If concave it can be used either to focus an image as in a reflecting telescope, or magnify as in a shaving/makeup mirror. If convex you get a smaller wide-angled image, as in a car's wing mirror

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plane mirror is a mirror with a planar reflective surface WHILE   spherical mirror is a mirror with a curved reflective surface, which may be either convex (bulging outward) or concave (bulging inward).

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