What is the floral formula for hibiscus?

Charan has given the correct answer. 

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis – floral formula - Br. Brl. Φ K(5) C5 A() G(5)

Floral Diagram Hibiscus

  • Bracteate flowers, represented as Br.
  • Epicalyx is present below calyx, indicated as Brl.
  • Actinomorphic symmetry is represented as Φ
  • Flowers are basically bisexual represented as 
  • 5 sepals which are fused, represented as K(5)
  • 5 petals which are free, represented as C5
  •  Stamens are numerous and filaments of stamens are fused, represented as A(∞)
  • 5 Carpels, fused and ovary is superior, represented as G(5)


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Br. Brl. Φ K(5) C5 A() G(5)

i think it is right.
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Br. Brl. Φ K(5) C5 A() G(5)i think its true
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