What is the formet of advertisment writing?

Dear student,

The following question tests your creativity and should be attempted on your own. But here are some useful hints. 

- First think of what kind of product you want to sell. Commercial advertisements can sell anything like food, clothing, footwear, cosmetics etc.
- Think of a brand name for the product. For example, Coke and Pepsi are brand names. 
- Have the appropriate picture for your ad. For example, an ad selling footwear can show just the feet wearing the product that is being sold.
- Make your ad colourful. It can even have no colour for the purpose of creative advertising. For example: "Are your old footwear draining the colour from your life?"
- A creative tag-line or slogan. eg: It's like walking on air!
- Mention the benefits of using your product - reduces pain in your soles and prevents back pain! 
- Why else should they buy it? Is the price competitive ? 
- Inaugural offer: 40% off for first 100 buyers!
- Put the ad in a box.

Here is a sample advertisement for you:


                                         Sale! Sale! Sale!
            Redefine your style this season with the exquisite umbrellas at 
                           K.P.Umbrella Collection
                       C-23, Central Market, Batala
 - Umbrellas in vibrant colours
 -  Special cartoon character umbrellas for kids 
 -  Durable and at Nominal Prices
 Hurry! Offer valid till stocks last!
*Special discount for customers carrying this advertisement with them.


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