What is the formulae of
1.No. of share alloted
2.No. of shares applied

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To find the number of shares allotted or applied first you need to know under which category the shareholder belongs to. I will take a hypothetical example to illustrate: 
Lets Assume there were 30, 000 shares company wanted to issue. And it received application for 36, 000 shares. Hence it was allotted on pro-rata basis.
Mohan, applied for 1080 shares. Hence Mohan got 30000/36000x1080 = 900 shares. 
Mohan was allotted 900. Hence Mohan Applied for 36000/30000x900= 1080 shares.
This follows just a basic Math idea of Cross Multiplication. If 36000 gets 30000 then 900 gets what? Or if 36000 get 30000 then how many got 900?

1. No. of Shares Allotted =  No. of shares issued by Co. / No. of Applications * Shares Applied
2. No. of Shares Applied  =  No. of Applications / No. of shares issued by Co. * Shares Allotted


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