what is the function of  pollen vegetative cell??

The mature pollen grain consists of a vegetative cell and generative cell. The vegetative cell performs the metabolic functions, stores reserve food for the pollen grain and delivers the gametes to the embryo sac of the Ovule. The generative cell produces two sperms, one fertilizes egg to produce embryo and other fuses with polar nuclei to produce endosperm respectively

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u see in the pollen grain there to dvition  one is vegitative and the other generative one . The vegitative cell contain large amount of nutrition material so , this helps in futher delopmant . 

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 pollen vegetative cell  helps in further events of pollination and also provides nutrition as pollen has to survive for long period  of time .........and when male germ cell enters the ovary for the fertilisation then there is no need of vegetative cell so degenerates.................i hope it goes correct,.......... 

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