What is the implementation of newtons 3 laws of motion of gadgets

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Implementation of Newton's first law:
1. A spacecraft far from source of gravity do not require thrust to keep it in motion. As there us no gravity in space, it keeps on moving in same direction with constant speed forever. 

2. Falling of leaves and trees when a tree is shaken due to their inertia.

3. When a moving bus stops suddenly, the pasengers jerk forward, due to their inertia.

Implementation of Newton's second law of motion:
Objects fall down under the action of gravity. The acceleration due to gravity gives the force for falling of the objects. Similarly, it is also applicable when we catch a ball or pushing a car to start the engine.

2. Air bags in car prevent injury.

Implementation of Newton's third law of motion:
1. Walking : While walking , a person presses the ground in the backward direction (action) by his feet. The ground pushes the person in forward direction with an equal force (reaction). The component of reaction in the horizontal direction makes the person move forward.

2. Firing from a gun : When a gun is fired, the bullet moves forward (action). The gun recoils backwards (reaction).

3. Swimming : A swimmer pushes the water backwards (action). The water pushes the swimmer forward (reaction) with the same force. Hence, the swimmer swims.  


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