What is the irony in the lesson 'A letter to god'?

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In the lesson “a Letter to God”, the irony is that Lencho’s field is destroyed due to a hailstorm and his family and he have no food for the rest of the year. Because, of his immense faith in God, he writes a letter to God beseeching him that God send him a hundred pesos, so that he can sow his land again. Lencho writes the address on the envelop as “to God” and drops it in the post box, the postman opens the letter and laughs and shows it to the postmaster. On seeing the letter, the post master also laughs but realises and understands Lencho’s problem. Being good natured and kind, the post master collects the money for Lencho, but is only able to collect seventy pesos. When Lencho arrives at the post office to receive the reply for his letter, he is enraged by the fact that the amount is not hundred pesos, and angrily vents out his frustration to God through another letter. He writes that God should send his thirty pesos which are remaining, and not to send it through the post office, since the people at the post office are thieves. The irony in this story is that the post master and his colleagues were trying to do a good deed by helping Lencho, but exactly the opposite happens and instead of Lencho being grateful for the money, he calls the people at the post office thieves. 


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