What is the message of the poem "the tale of melon city" ?

A good state or good king is not that who only talks about him, and about his achievements but that one who take care about its people and take decision wisely, Not like the king in this chapter. Therefore the important message is that state is made by the wise decision of the people and its king, not by the overconfidence of the ruler.
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In "The Tale of Melon City" , Vikram Seth lampoons' the eccentric and idiotic governance that is thrust on people sometimes. In a democratic country like India, any body can become a leader. The bureaucracy and the professionals keep passing the back the poem. No one is ready to own up their folly. Seth also satirizes the lackadaisical attitude to choose their leaders. The poem shows that law is not only blind but it can also spell disaster if not properly implemented. Although the kind of ruler they have directly affects the quality of their lives.
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Tale of melon cuty conveys that the ruler should not be diplomatic and must be a well mind person, who have a good decision making ability. This poem also conveys the role of population to choose the rulers of his or her choise that they seems to be more good and for this they should carry out some very good election mechanism
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Message of the phone the tale of melon city
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i think a wise or cleverest person can be a king
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Tale of melon city

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Message the tale of melon City conveys What message the tale of melon City conveys
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