What is the SI unit of inertia and how it is measured?

Inertia is the measure of a body's resistance to change in its motion, position or configuration.

Mass is the measure of body's inertia and thus its units would be the units of mass, that is, kilogram.

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 SI unit of inertia is kgm2- weight per length squared.

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 The SI unit of inertia is kg / m2. Intertia is a property of a distribution of mass in space that measures its resistance to rotational acceleration about an axis. Newton's first law, which describes the inertia of a body in linear motion, can be extended to the inertia of a body rotating about an axis using the moment of inertia. That is, an object that is rotating at constant angular velocity will remain rotating unless acted upon by an external torque. In this way, the moment of inertia plays the same role in rotational dynamics as mass does in linear dynamics, describing the relationship between angular momentum and angular velocity, torque and angular acceleration. The symbols I and sometimes J are usually used to refer to the moment of inertia or polar moment of inertia.

Eg :

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(a) SI unit of inertia is kgm2

SI unit of moment of inertia is metre4

(b) Inertia can be measured by an object's mass.

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