What is the significance of emulsification of fats??????

Emulsification is the process of breaking down of the large fat globules into smaller globules and make them water soluble. Emulsification of fats takes place in the gut with the help of the bile juice produced in liver. It is necessary as it is difficult for the enzymes (lipases) to act on large fat globules. Emulsion of fats increases the efficiency of enzyme action to break down fats into fatty acids and glycerol which are easily absorbed through small intestines.

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Fats contains large molecules which can not be directly absorbed by our body cells to provide energy. So they are emulsified by enzymes into smaller molecules of fatty acids and glycerol.

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fat is emulsified so that it can be easily digested by bile otherwise it cannot be digested. Emulfication makes the fat gloubles smaller in size

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Emulsification of fats is important as villi are small finger like projections present in the small intestine which can absorb small  food particles and if fats are just left for absorbtion it is difficult for villi to absorb the fats.So emulsification of fats into glycerol is important.



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our smalll intestine contains certains large fat globules which make it difficult fot the enzymes to act on them......so bile salts from the liver break down the large globules of fats into small globules increasing the efficiency of enzymes to act on them.........this is called emulsification of fats ans that's why emulsification of fats is importanat.....thumbs up if u like the answer :)

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