What is the story of 2016 movie "Sultan"?

It is story based on a young boy of a village and he was strong and powerful and after some year he was wwe chamiopn
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Earlier he was doing wrestling after some time he became wwe champion
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Hello Ahmed !!!!!
The story on film sultan is :- There are two young girls they are Gitta and Babita of the girls of Aamir kapoor, aamir kapoor dream is make their girls restler and they make hard work. And then Gita and Babita olympic restler one day and Aamir kapoor complete their dream.
Moral value from this film sultan :-Make hardwork and get sucess.
Hope helpfull,
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Story focuses around a Haryana Wrestler named Sultan Ali Khan and his struggle to be World  Wrestling Champion in Pro Take Down League for his wife Aarfa Ali Khan...
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You are telling the story of DANGAL
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Boxing and love
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