what is the summary of a thing of beauty

This poem speaks about beautiful things and how they play an important role in our lives.
According to the poet, a thing of beauty provides endless joy and its loveliness keeps increasing. Its beauty can never cease. It acts as a shady place for us, under which we can sleep and have sweet dreams. It is like a flowery band that binds us to the earth. Today, everyone's life is filled with sadness and misery. It is these things of beauty that steal us away from our gloomy lives and give us a few moments of wonder and joy. Some of the beautiful things that the poet mentions are the sun, moon, young as well as old trees, which provide shade to sheep, daffodils, pure streams and musk-roses blooming in forests. The poet also finds beauty in the imaginary stories people have made about death and lovely stories that he has heard. According to the poet, things of beauty are like an endless fountain pouring on us from the heavens, which signifies that God himself has made these beautiful things so that we may have happiness, calm and peace in our lives.
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