what is the summary of tale of the melon city

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there was just and placid king.

he proclamied an arch to be bulit across the man throughfare of the city.

the king rode down throught the throughfare.the arch was too low.it banged the crown off.while the king passed under the arch.

the become aangry and odered the cheif of minsters to to be hanged to deaath for his disgrace.

the chief pleaded that it was the workmen 's fault.

the king ordered all workmen to be hanged.

the workemn pleaded that bricks were made of wrong size

masons were summoned to be hanged to death.

the masons blamed the architect for the faullt arch.

the architect pleaded inncoence . he had recmmended certain ameendments in the buliding the plan.

it apperared to be a delicate and confusing issue.the king needed counsel.

the wisest man was sfound and brought to the royal court.

another counsellor gave a new twist to th eissue.he urged that anything that touvhed the royal head couldnt be hanged.

the people were watchinh the whole drama.they were getting restless.they wanted some real action.

the king judged the mood of the people. he declared someone must be hanged

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The Tale of Melon City

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