WHAT is the use of Conjunction?

Conjunctions are words that are used to join two or more words, phrases, clauses or sentences. 

Here are few examples of conjunctions:


1.She has a good vocabulary because she reads a lot.

2.I stepped out of the house after it stopped raining.

3.Some people danced while others watched.

4.He is talented but lacks determination.

5.She not only acted in the play but also choreographed the dance sequences.

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conjunction is used to join two sentences. some conjunctions are because, as,.etc. they are also called linkers or connectors. 


eg-sita went with his father to market because there was no vegetables at her home.

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you are wright

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conjunction is a word which connects two sentences

some of them are :  because , are & etc.......

eg : i went to the airport because i want to to California

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 its, i want to go to and not to to

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conjunctions are connecting words.

eg  instead of saying maya is in my class.

rita is also in my class  we can say it very shortly using conjunction.

maya and rita is studying is in my class.

           hope u understand

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