What is tyndall effect?Explain an example

scattering of light by colloidal particles or partlces of colloidal dimensions present in air(air being a mixture) is known as tyndall effect .example:in winter season wen we see d sun rays entering our rooms through a window, we can notice dat d path of light get visible;another example,d good old example of light entering a forest through the trees

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 Tyndall effect is the phenomenon of scattering of light in a colloidal system (colloidal system:system which has solute, or fine particles are suspended within other medium). The best example is a cinema hall...You definitely would have seen a small beam of light from doors or from the projectors with millions of tiny dust particles dancing in it.

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 example for tyndal effect is sun light passing from your window in a form of beem from which you can see even dust particles

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