what is Vernalization???????????

Some plants, especially biennials and perennials, are stimulated to flower by exposing them to low temperatures. This is called vernalizations. Verbalization may be an absolute requirement (as in henbane), or may just hasten flowering (as in winter cereals). The length of chilling varies from four days to three months, temperature around 4 degree Celsius being the most effective. Vernalin is the hormone which has been suggested to be involved in this process of vernalization. It has also been found that gibberellins level increase during vernalization and it can also be used to introduce vernalization in unvernalised plants.

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Lysenko (1928) a Russian geneticist found that artificial cold treatment of germinating winter wheat seeds could induce flowering if grown in spring. This process of cold treatment that hastens flowering is called vernalisaion.
process of cold treatment in carrot plats

Technique of Vernalisation


The seed is first soaked in water and allowed to germinate. It is then given the low temperature treatment for an appropriate period of time, which varies among different varieties from a few days to many weeks. The low temperature range is from 0 - 4



Vernalisation prepares a plant to flower. It makes the plant perceptive to a stimulus but does not function as a stimulus.

If vernalisation is followed by high temperature treatment at about 40


C for a minimum of 2 days, the vernalisation stimulus is lost. This is known as devernalisation.

technique of vernalisation
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