what momentous decision was made by frost in 1912?

how old was he when took this decision?

why was it so difficult to make this decision? give more than one reason

was the road frost had taken easy to travel?

do you think he wrote the road not taken before sailing from the USA to England or after? can you quote a line or two from the poem that can support your answer?

do you think frost finally became popular in America as a poet?

 - Robert Frost tried to make his fortune in America, but his poems were, at that time, not accepted by the people. So, he decided to travel all the way to England, to try his luck there. And, he finally won his recognition there.


- He was 38 when he took this decision. (born in 1874)


- It was difficult for Frost to take this decision, because leaving one's own loved country is not easy. Moreover, his success was not guaranteed even in England.


- No, the road, i.e. decision was not easy, because he says he "took the one less travelled by". This obviously means that this one was difficult, that is why not many had taken that particular road!


- It can be figured out quite easily, that this poem was written after he sailed from USA to England, throught the lines, "I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference."


- Yes, of course he did. He was looked up to in England, then why not his own country?! :)



Hope I helped. ^.^

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Robert Frost took the decision to migrate to England in 1912.

It was a momentous decision as he had to leave his hometown and go abroad.

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Robert Frost was 38 when he took the decicion mentioned.

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