What plan does the narrator hatch with convienience to tyhe last in order to get Ranga married?

The narrator hatched an elaborate plan to get Ranga married by facilitating a meeting between Ranga and Ratna, the former being completely different from the kind of girl Ranga had in mind. The meeting was successful and went according to plan,Ranga could not guard himself from the innocence and beautiful singing voice of the nubile Ratna. From that moment, the narrator  set about working on how to bring about the marriage. He went to the shastri next morning and instructed him to keep everything ready to read the stars, tutoring him on the script that was to be followed for the plan. As Ranga was taken to the shastri for a diagnosis of his problem,the shastri pronounced that the cause seemed to be a girl whose name was Ratna and that she was also the cure of Ranga's ailment as the stars foretold. 

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