What role does friction play when a bowler swings a cricket ball?

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The swinging of the ball confuses the batsman, since the ball suddenly changes its direction in air.
This is due to the friction force of air which opposes the speed of the ball and changes its direction.


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The essence of?swing bowling?is to get the?cricket ball?to deviate sideways as it moves through the air towards or away from the batsman. To?do?this, the?bowlermakes use of six factors: The raised seam of the?cricket ball. The angle of the seam to the direction of travel.
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Friction always acts in the opposite direction of the motion of an object.So, when he swings the ball, friction reduces the speed of the ball.
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This is the proper answer: ◆Friction comes into play when the irregularities of two surfaces interlock each other. ◆Friction helps us to hold objects.So, this helps to catch hold of the ball and helped him to swings and throw the ball.
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it is friction of ground which makes the ball to spin. friction help by restricting boundaries and sixer limited to stadium otherwise we need Infinity balls for playing cricket and every ball will be boundary.
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