What's the difference b/w Lithosphere and Biosphere?


It is the outermost rocky, hard and rigid layer of earth.

There are two types of lithosphere – oceanic lithosphere (Oceanic Crust) and continental lithosphere (Continental Crust).

It is about 100km deep under the ground.

The lithosphere is continuously moving but very slowly.

This layer is broken into large parts called tectonic plates.

Earthquakes and volcanoes are mostly created by the movement of these plates of lithosphere.


It is the total sum of all living organisms present on earth.

It contains all biological components including the dead organic matters produced by the living organisms.

It is a thin layer where lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere meet.

Biosphere is dynamic with several activities.

In biosphere the solar energy gets trapped by the primary producers (plants).

Biosphere proves the statement perfectly that ‘Earth is a living planet’.

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crust and a part of an upper mantle is called lithosphere.the is a tern used to describe the mechanical behaviour of the earth.it thick ness is about 100km.
this is the lithosphere that contains all our continents.and it floats on the asthenosphere which is ductile in nature.

it is that zone restricted for life....in this comes human,plant and see organisms .
so ellaborating both lithosphere is a geological term and biosphere is a biological term they both have no connection with each other yet geologicalconditions can alter biosphere

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Biosphere - any part of the earth that contains life.
Lithosphere - outer solid part of the earth including crust and upper mantle

Lithosphere is technically a geological term which describes the outermost portion of the planet between the earths surface and the very uppermost mantle/asthenosphere. Basically you walk on the lithosphere.
The Biosphere is a biological term which describes that zone of the earth which do or can contain life. In the broadest sense that would probably be from quite high in the atmosphere to over mile below the surface of the earth, and as deep as 6 miles in the ocean. The boundaries of the bioshpere would vary depending upon when you asked. 100 years ago nobody would have imagined that there was life a mile below the surface of the earth, but now we know that to be true.
So while they are really kind of unrelated, there is a portion where both the bioshpere and the lithosphere overlap

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Thee land surface of earth is called lithosphere. It consists of outer layer of earth called crust and inner layer called mantle.

            Whereas biosphere is a narrow zone of contact between lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere and thus capable of sustaining life . All the living organisms live in this zone.

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