What's the difference b/w Lithosphere and Biosphere?


It is the outermost rocky, hard and rigid layer of earth.

There are two types of lithosphere – oceanic lithosphere (Oceanic Crust) and continental lithosphere (Continental Crust).

It is about 100km deep under the ground.

The lithosphere is continuously moving but very slowly.

This layer is broken into large parts called tectonic plates.

Earthquakes and volcanoes are mostly created by the movement of these plates of lithosphere.


It is the total sum of all living organisms present on earth.

It contains all biological components including the dead organic matters produced by the living organisms.

It is a thin layer where lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere meet.

Biosphere is dynamic with several activities.

In biosphere the solar energy gets trapped by the primary producers (plants).

Biosphere proves the statement perfectly that ‘Earth is a living planet’.

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