what test is performed to know if a given plant is homozygous dominant or heretozygous- name the test and phenotypic ratio of this test for a monohybrid cross

Tes cross is between F2 progeny and its homozygous recessive parent.This cross determines whether the dominant character is coming from homozygous dominant genotype or heterozygous genotype. (e.g., tallness coming from TT or Tt)

When TT is crossed with tt, we obtain all Tt (tall) individuals in the progeny. Whereas when Tt is crossed with tt, we obtain Tt (tall) and tt (dwarf) individuals in the progeny. Therefore, if tallness is coming from TT, then we obtain all tall progenies in test cross. We obtain both tall and dwarf varieties in test cross, if tallness is coming from Tt.

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