what was ashoka's dhamma

Ashoka's dhamma was a humanitarian approach towards governance and policy making. It spread kindness, generosity, ahimsa and piety. His transformation to a benevolent ruler and acceptance of Buddhism inspired him to formulate the basic tenets of dhamma and he got these basic principles inscribed on rocks and pillars for all to read and follow. Some of the basic principles are:

  1. Tolerance towards all including slaves and servants.
  2. Obedience to elders and aged.
  3. Generosity to the needy and the religious men.
  4. Practice of non-violence towards men and animals.
  5. It also encouraged wwelfare measures like the construction of rest houses, hospitals and dispensaries, planting trees alongside highways, condemned animal sacrifices and such rituals

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Ashoka's dhamma is a code of coduct in pired by the teachings of lord buddha.

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