what was roger skunk's problem ? how did he get rid of it?

Jack used to tell stories to his two year old daughter, Jo. He used to weave new stories with only a slight change in them, especially main characters' name. The main character generally used to have the first name as Roger. One day he chose a character named Roger Skunk. The problem with him was that he smelled foul. Because of his stink, nobody mingled with him. Even his friend avoided him. They did not play with him. For this reason Roger used to remain disturbed. He cried for this.
To find a solution to his problem he went to the wise owl, who suggested him to meet the wizard. He went to meet the wizard. The wizard helped him to get rid of the foul smell by some spell. After the magic charm he was smelling like roses. The wizard asked for seven pennies for his work. However, Roger had only four pennies.

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he was stinking..he has no friends he remains sad and one day go to owl with his problem and owl suggested him to go to magician(wizard) and he do so and wizard helped him to get rid of foul smell by doing magic spells

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all of roger skunks friends avoided him because of his awful smell . they never included him when they were playing and this made roger skunk very upset .He went to the wise owl to ask for solution and the wise owl suggested that he go and visit the wizard. roger skunk followed the owl's directions and met the wizard .The wizard ask him I bring gold coins from the well ,rogerr skun did as he was told and the wizard spelled a magic and made roger skunk smell of roses as the roger skunk wanted to smell like roses .

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