What was the difference between Kezia s father and Mr Macdonalds?

Kezia's father was a figure to be feared and avoided. Every morning he would give her a casual kiss in her room before setting off for work and Kezia would feel a sense of relief once the noise of his carriage grew fainter down the long road. In the evening he would come back home and boss around, demanding things to be done for him. Kezia would stutter in front him because by the time he had his spectacles on and looked at her over them in a way that was terrifying to the little girl. Mr. Macdonalds on the other hand was genial and jovial. He would play with his five children, the baby on his shoulders, two little girls hanging on to his coat pockets shaking with laughter while the two boys would turn the hose on his. He would try to catch them while laughing all the time. The two of them were different sorts of fathers.

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