what was the difference between the preachings/teachings of Prophet Muhammad and Caliphs?

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Please refer the following points:

a. Prophet Muhammad was the founder of Islam who believed in freeing Arabs from superstitious practises.
b. He declared Allah as the only God and wanted people to believe in the beliefs and ideas of holy scripture Islam.
c. His teachings inspired many, Prophet Muhammad opposed idol worship and other superstitious beliefs and called upon people to embrace Islam.
d. A lot many people especially from Mecca were influenced by his teachings.
e. All those who believed and followed were called Muslims.
f. Prophet Muhammad promised all Muslims, salvation on the day of judgement.
g. He also promised them that they would get  a share community resources .
h. Caliphs on the other hand  were the 
supreme religious, spiritual leader the  successor of Muhammad of the Islamic state.The Caliph  exercised civil and political power. 
i. Caliphs basically exercised their powers within the limits of Quran and as per the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.
j. Their main aim was to exercise political domination and to unify Muslim nations.
k. They called for Pan Islamic unity and Muslim Brotherhood.


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