what was the state of indian industries at the time of independence?

At the time of independnce the industrial sector ws very decayed

1. Discrmntory polices - Britishers found india a supplier of raw materials nd the market for the finished products so they brought policies which hlpd dem achvng dis lyk dey rmvd txes frm imports of fnshd guds nd exprt of raw mterials but incrsd taxes on exprt of finishd guds.

2. Competition frm machine mde product - The indian hndicrfts fcd a tough cmpetition frm mchine mde prodducts as dey wre cheap nd of better quality

3. Disapperance of Princely States - The Nawbs nd the Kings used to patronize the indian handicrft but bcoz of d rule of british the courts disappeared nd lead to the downfall of indian handicrafts

4.New pattern on demand- As the country ws adpting d wstrn culture dre dmnd shiftd frm old hndmde products to the new machine made products.

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There was no capital goods left Slow growth of modern industry Limited public sector
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