what we can do to minimise overuse of plastic and deal with garbage

Dear student, The following steps must be taken to minimise the overuse of plastic. Limit the dependence on plastic bags While going shopping, carry your own cloth or jute bag Reuse cold-drink plastic bottles at home for storing water In order to save the future generations, say no to plastic. We can deal with garbage in following ways:-The waste products generated from our day-to-day activities is collectively called garbage. Plastic bags, packaging tins, groundnut shells, tickets used in buses, trains, movies etc., broken toys, old clothes and shoes, vegetable peels ,egg shells, tea leaves, newspaper pieces, dry leaves, paper bags, broken glasses, aluminium wrappers, nails etc., are all wastes that are generated in our day-to-day lives. Did you know that in India, 42.0 million tons of solid wastes is annually generated at present? The wastes generated from plants and animals are biodegradable. Vegetable peels and dry leaves are plant produces. News paper too is produced from the pulp of plants. Egg shells are animal products. When all these materials are mixed with the soil they provide nutrition to the plants. They are used as manure. Therefore, they are useful or beneficial to the environment. The materials such as plastics and metals that are not obtained from plants and animals do not change even over many years. They accumulate in the environment and are harmful to the environment. Therefore, the generation of such wastes should be reduced. Metal scraps, aluminium wastes, plastic toys etc can be recycled to make new things. These garbage components are called recyclable materials. Different coloured dustbins represent the types of materials that they cater to. Green-coloured dustbins are meant for garbage materials that are generated from kitchens, plants and animals. These materials decompose and therefore, can be easily mixed with soils, thereby increasing the fertility of the soil. The blue-coloured dustbins contain materials that remain in the environment and therefore need to be recycled. Have you ever wondered what happens to all the garbage that is generated? These are collected by Safai karmacharis who dump them into larger dumps. Garbage vans carry the garbage to areas on the outskirts of the city and dump them. Such regions are called landfills. After a landfill is filled with garbage it is covered with soil and converted into a playground or park. For about 20 years no construction activity is carried out on it. Thanks and regards

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