What were the precautions taken for the smooth conduct of examination fir Evans?


Enough safety measures were taken to ensure that the examination went off without a hitch. Its cell was cleared of all sharp objects, such as nail scissors, nail files, and razors. To hear what was said between Evans and the invigilator, the Governor placed a microphone in Evans' room. The Governor set up senior police officers like Jackson and Stephens to maintain a close monitor. He was quite watchful of the situation himself and kept up with all of the goings-on. A St. Marly Mags resident was chosen to oversee the examinee's performance. As a result, complex plans were created to ensure that the exam went off without a hitch. The Governor continued to use the receiver while seated in his office to hear them. Stephens was stationed at the jail door to occasionally look via the peep hole. Evans's imprisonment was carefully secured to prevent his escape at all costs.

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