What will happen if all the insects are killed by humans and animal

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If all the insects are killed by humans and animal, then this will cause a great imbalance in our ecosystem. The insects are the vital part of our ecosystem like every other part. Insects play a major role as pollinators, therefore if they vanish, all the plants and trees would also die. Also, since most of our food is insect dependent, a lot of mammals as well as birds would also disappear.Without insects there would be no decomposition of organic matter , and this would eventually lead the earth to be a heap of carcasses and litter. Absence of insects would also mean, there would be no production of honey or silk, etc.



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Insects help is lots of things which are necessary for life- They help pollination of flowers and plants... If plants will npt b there then life wont exist... Honey bee is good example for this...
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