What will happen to the focal length if the convex lens is dip inside the water.

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The focal lengths of lenses change when immersed in water, as lenses work according to the refraction of light. Refraction of light depends on the refractive index of the medium.

The change in focal length can be found by the formula,

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Focal length of a lens depends on the refractive index of the material of the lens relative to its surrounding medium ....

Hence .. when the lens is placed in water instead of air  .. the focal length increases ..... bcoz the R.I of water is more than R.I of air .....

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 Its focal lenght will decrease because the water has higher refractive index than air!

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Please Note--> Focal lenght increases when object is kept at a lower refractive index  while it decreases when it is kept in higher refractive index

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 focal length increases

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 Really speaking! Lenses depends on a specific property of refraction, which depends on the ratio of refractive indexes of the two media on either side of an interface.
Coming to Focal length of the lens ; the Focal length is inversely proportional to the Refractive index(bending of light) in the medium;
The refractive index ratio of glass(lens) to air is greater than the the refractive index ratio of glass(lens) to water i.e 1.33/1(=1.33) >1.33/1.44 (=0.9236)
So,the focal length increases when it is dipped inside water

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But this situation is applicable in convex lens only. It is the opposite in Concave lens

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u r telling the opposite ... In concave lens the focal length decreases and in convex lens it increases ....

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