When 2md time the veil slipped why bholis eyes were not downcast?

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Bholi was no longer a timid and meek girl. The education that she had received in school from her teacher had made her confident. She was not ready to accept the greedy Bishamber Nath as her husband. Initially, she kept quiet for the sake of her family. Despite knowing that his groom was old and lame, she had agreed to marry him. However, once Bishamber demanded a dowry of Rs 5000/-, Bholi made the decision of not marrying him. He confronted everyone and confidently and asked Bishamber to leave. 


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i think bcoz this time she needed to answer her perceptual husband of his wrongdoing, that is asking dowry from her father. Hence she was looking directly to him not downcasting her eyes in front of him .
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