When we suddenly withdraw our hand on getting a pin prick, What is this response called ?
Draw a diagram to show the movement of nerve impulse in this type of response.

The automatic action or response provoked by a stimulus is known as a reflex action. The reflex actions, however, show sudden responses and do not involve any thinking.
When we accidentally touch a hot object, we withdraw our hands immediately without thinking. If we do not do this, our hands will burn. The sensory nerves detect the heat. They are connected to the nerves, which move the muscles of the hand. Such a connection of detecting the signal from the nerves (input), and responding to it immediately (output) is called a reflex arc.
A reflex arc makes instant and automatic responses possible. It connects the input nerve and output nerve, and meets in a bundle in the spinal chord. In fact, nerves from all over the body meet in a bundle in the spinal cord, on their way to the brain. Therefore, the information input reaches the brain.

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It is a response which causes a reflex arc. The action is called a reflex action.
As for the diagram, you can draw the diagram for the reflex arc. :)
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