.Where was Rasundari Devi born?

2.In which language did rasundari write her autobiography.

3.What was the title of Rasundaris autobiography?

4.What was the manuscript of Chaitanya Bhagavat?

5.How much percentage of boys and men could at least write their name according to

1961 census?

6.How much percentage of the children 2003-2004 census belonging to SC left school

between classes I-V?

7.The guidelines formulated by Supreme court of India in 1997 to protect women

against ______________________.

8.When is International Womens Day celebrated ?

1.In a remote village in West Bengal.


3.Amar Jiban ("My Life")

4.Around 40 percent.

5.36.6 percent.

6.sexual harassment of women at workplace and other institutions.

7. 8th of March every year.

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