which agricultural task has to be completed before sowing ?

Before sowing, soil should be prepared well by ploughing and watering. It is necessary to loosen soil because only loose soil allows the roots to penetrate freely deeper into soil.  Manure and fertilizers should be added. Weeds should be removed. Field should be opened so that air, light etc can reach properly to each plant. Well protection should be given to the field from stray cattle, other animals and man.

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Ploughing is to be done before sowing...

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the main task which has to be done before sowing is called ploughing or tilling . the land has to be levelled before sowing .this is done by plough and leveller. ploughing makes the soil loose which helps the microorganisms(blue-green algae) to flourish. the microorganims makes th soil fertile . now the soil is ready for sowing.

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