Which factors are responsible for the renewable of land?
Mention 5 factors
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The components answerable for debasement or renewable of land incorporate exorbitant abuse of land, deforestation, clearing prolific land for settlements, slicing and consuming the trees for horticulture, deserted mining locales and surface mining, harmfulness in the landfill, untreated mechanical effluents and concretisation 

1. Deforestation:
Deforestation is one of the significant reasons for Land Degradation and Forest debased territory comprises 28% of all out dissolved region in India. 

Overgrazing is Main source of land corruption in states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. 

3. Over Irrigation:
Over Irrigation is likewise answerable for land corruption as it prompts water logging that prompts increment in saltiness and alkalinity of soil. In States like Punjab and Haryana over Irrigation is liable for land corruption. 

Mining leaves profound scars and hints of over troubling on the land prompting land corruption. In states like Jharkhand and Odisha , mining has assumed critical part in land debasement. 

5.Industrial effluents:
Mechanical effluents are additionally answerable for corruption of land and water in numerous parts.


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