which of the following has weakest carbon-carbon strength?

a)alkyne b)alkene c)alkane

Alkyne has the weakest carbon-carbon bond strength because triple bond is made of two types of bond. One is single bond( sigma bond) while two are pi-bonds. These pi-bonds contribute to the weakening of strength of the Carbon-carbon bond.

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alkane because no more carbons can be added in this chain whereas in alkanes & alkynes more carbon atoms can be added,,!!!!!

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a)Alkyne. Since it has a triple bond, it's bond is quite unstable in itself; so, at the nearest oppurtunity it will try to convert into a more stabler existence, i.e. alkene or alkane. therefore the bond disorients itself pretty quicky in a reaction-making it very weak.    

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 alkyne. as it has triple bond it will undergo addition reaction to convert to saturated hydrocarbon. thus force between the carbon atoms is weak

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simple it is alkyne 

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