Which of the following steps involved in the treatment of water waste??
a)filtration b)aeration c) coloration d) all of these.

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Waste water treatment consists of four stages:-
1. Preliminary treatment:- At this stage the waste water is passed through a screen that removes all the solid waste like paper, plastic of cloth.
2. Primary stage:- After preliminary stage is over the water is send to the sedimentation tank where all the solid particles of organic materials are removed using gravity setting.
3. Secondary stage:- At this stage microorganisms are used to remove all dissolved and suspended organic material. This is known as a activated sludge process.
4. Tertiary stage:- At this stage chlorine is used for killing all pathogens present in the water.

So all of the options are correct. Option D is correct. 

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d) all of these
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all of these
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(D) All Of These

Is The Answer .
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