Which season or month is the best? Give reasons.

This question is based on your creative skills and students are required to write this on their own.

Here is a sample for your reference:

One of the four major seasons in India is winter. It's duration is from November to January. Winter is one of my favorite seasons as I like the feeling of chill and fog that lasts everywhere around in my city, i.e., Delhi. This season is the time when the days are short and nights become very long. Winter solstice on December 21, falls during this season. In this season, people enjoy outside lunches and picnics. In the evenings, we can have bon­fires at home with all the family gathered together, munching pop corns and other tidbits and sipping hot cof­fee. I believe that winter is the most wonderful and colourful of all the seasons, its warmth is amazing, making us wait eagerly for its arrival the coming year.

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