Which three evils are tackled by right against exploatation?

The following evils have been declared as illegal and are tackled under the Right against exploitation:

a. Human Trafficking, that is buying and selling of human beings, particularly women.
b. Forced labor or begar where the worker is forced to render services to the ‘master’ free of charge or at a nominal remuneration.
c. Child Labor that is No one can employ a child below the age of  14 to work in any factory or mine or in any other hazardous jobs.

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human trafficking: this involves the illegal buying and selling of human beings, especially women for immoral purposes.

forced labour or begar: it is a practice in which a person has to provide free service to his "master" free of cost . when this practice occurs on a lofelong basis, it is called bonded labour..

child labour: the government prohibits the employment of children under 14 years of age in any harmful occupations like beedi making, firecracker factories etc...

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