Which types of people are benefited from the development of different resources? Why do we need to use the resources carefully?

the people who are never and cunning were benifite
how to use
1.we should not use mucn natural resources.
2.limited usage and save the resources
3.instead of natural we will use man made.
4.government should take steps to save resources
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sorry it is not never it ia clever
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The people who are aware and awakened about their rights benefited form the development of different resources. 

WE need to use resources careflly.
So that our future generations will tooo take the benefits of what we are taking.....
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people who need those resources.
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people who are awakened and know the responsibility of themselves were benefited
1. we should use our resources in a controlled manner
2. we should not exploit our own resources because of our greed 
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The rich people who can afford to use the resources are benefited by the development of these resources. 
we need to use the resources carefully because most of them are non renewable. sustainable management of resources could help in saving some of the resources for the future generations.
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Rich & Powerful people are benefited –
We need to use resources carefully because –  
they are not unlimited  
the demand is increasing
for sustainable development
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stake holders will be benefited.
save bcoz of future generations, exhaustible, limited, may lead to global warming(burning fossils)
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We should use these resources carefully because they are not unlimited {like coal, petroleum} and in the increasing exponential rate of the human population the demand for these resources are increasing. So, that the resources are not exploited for our own beneficial cause and can be provided to the future generation. There should also be a structure set up to manage these resources equally to suffice every individual.
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Most resources aren't unlimited and growing human population has increased the demand for resources exponentially. The management of natural resources requires a comprehensive long term planning to make them sustainable. It should also ensure equal distribution of resources to all and not just to a handful of rich. In the process of exploitation of resources with the name of "Technological Development" man causes damage to resources leading to grave situation of pollution.
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stakeholders such as local people, industrialists, forest department and forests enthusiasts.

becoz their consumption rates are high than their replenishment rates
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Only the rich and powerful people are benefitted. That's why we need to manage our resources to ensure equitable distribution of resources
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