The Frank family comprising Otto Frank,Edith Frank and their daughters Margot and Anne, the van Daan family comprising Mr and Mrs van Daan and their son Peter and Mr Alfred Dussel  were occupants of the secret annex.

The problems that they faced ranged from adjusting in with which other and sacrificing their personal comforts in order to compromise to coping with the constant fear of being discovered by the secret police and taken away to the concentration camps. Living in cramped quarters,not being able to go out, observing silence in the mornings so that the office people could not guess at their existence, making do with limited rations, killing time in confinement, adhering to the norms set down for everyone to follow, living in close company with former acquaintances who had now become closer than relatives, dealing with personal issues and interpersonal relationships,anxiety over the outcome of the war, fear of discovery, the attempted burglaries, food shortages, the bombing and gunfire, these are some instances of the problems that they had to deal with while hiding in the secret annex. They were living their life on tenterhooks for two years, as if under a microscope with an acute consciousness of the danger that permeated every moment of their lives. 

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