Why and how did lencho's happiness turn into a deep worry?(40 -50 words)

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The story, "A Letter to God"  depicts the utmost faith of a farmer in God. Lencho ,the farmer had predicted for rain and it did come. He is confident that his crops are going to yield him huge profits just like it does every year. But unfortunately the rain accompanied with hailstorm which resulted the hailstorm destroying the entire field and crops. This made lencho to fell into a deep concern. The damage invoked a severe  threat to his family's survival thus turning his happiness into a deep worry. Although disheartened, the family had robust belief in the almighty. 

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The rain seemed as a good omen and high yield promising to lencho. The rain was source of immense happiness for him because it would result in a good harvest.
But the strong gale which brought the hailstones with it blew away the happiness .

The hailstones came to symbolise the pall bearers of his joy. They palyed havoc with the crop and destroyed it to the last bit .
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He became very happy to see the raindrops and called them the gold coins falling from the sky. Soon the rain became much heavy which ultimately destroyed all his crops. He became very sad to look at his crops get destroyed by the rain. In this way, his happy mood changed into concern one.
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