why are alkali metals most suitable for photoelectric emission?

This is because alkali metals have  low work function. It is easy to remove electrons from alkali than from metals. Also ,  Alkali metals have only one electron in there valence shell ,there electronic configuration is 3s1 . They have very low ionization energy so it will be easy to eject the electron from the alkali metals .Thus they are suitable for this  effect.

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alkali metals generally of lower periods is more photoelectric because of their large atomic radii.when the atomic radii of an element increases the elecrons in the outermost shell of the atom is not strongly held by the nucleus.so when light of sufficient frequency falls on it the electron is exicted.therefore they are photoelectric.
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This is because alkali metals have low ionization enthalpy and electrons can be easily ejected out when exposed to light. 
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