why are car radiators painted black?

Car radiators are painted dull black because black color is both good absorber and good radiator of heat. The heat generated by the engine is efficiently radiated due to the dull black pain.

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darl colour absorbs more heat than light colour clothes

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Car radiators are painted black because it emits the most heat through radiation (highest emissivity). This improves the heat transfer out of the radiator when air isn't moving through the radiator.

"black color = high emissivity/absorptivity" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_radiation
The paint acts to protect the radiator and its components from rust, scale, and minor impacts (bugs); there is some argument over the claim that the paint offers a smooth uniform surface for 'faster airflow' and better cooling of the radiator. Also note that many cars are intended for the area behind the grille to be black (a backdrop to the grille).
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thanks for ur answer

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