Why are living organisms classified?

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We classify organisms because this make things easier for us. By classifying organisms we are able to study about them like their properties, characters ,etc.

There are various advantages of classification and these are-

  • Inter relationships among organisms become clear.
  • Classification helps in understanding millions of life forms in detail.
  • Classification allows things to be identified and categorized on the basis of structure and function of an organism.
  • It helps in predicting the lines of evolution.

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Organisms of all types are classified to make it easier to identify species of plants and animals, to help sort and track similarities and differences between different parts of various kingdoms and to help scientists determine the relationships between currently known species and new ones. Modern scientists use these classifications to help understand species, both new and old. It allows them to be able to link the current evolution of a species to its ancestors and perhaps predict what changes could come in the future.
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