why are women under estimated and considered to be less productive than male workers in India

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Women are considered to be less productive than men is due to the phenomenon called as "gender segragation".According to some studies, the causes are subtle and not so subtle discrimination by the employers and the employees as well. They may be:

  • the self perception of female applicants to identify with particular kinds of jobs, which often reflects how compatible are they with jobs.
  • influenced by gender role socialization. It shapes our basic beliefs about the behaviors that are most appropriate for men versus women, and about the kinds of skills that accompany those behaviors. For example, if women are expected to play different roles in the workplace and at home than men, then they may also look for different rewards from their work, such as pay, intellectual challenge, flexibility, work/life balance and so forth.

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Because most of women not have Better physical strength and stamina in the comparison of man, that's why they produce less productivity.
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