Why did fowler became white faced at the end of the story? has he experienced the life of a secret agnt truly?

Dear student,

Fowler had been very disappointed after meeting Ausable: he was fat, sloppy and did not fit any description of a secret agent that Fowler had read about! The first thrill he had got after meeting Ausable was when he saw Max standing with a gun inside his room. He was left white faced at the end of the story as he had been truly shaken. He had been scared for his and Ausable's life with Max pointing a gun at them. After the waiter entered the room, he was baffled as to where the police was and felt that Max was sure to shoot them when he re-entered the room from the balcony. The real surprise that awaited him was the fact that there was no balcony outside Ausable's room which meant Max had just jumped to his death! His expression was that of a man who was completely shocked out of his wits. He had indeed witnessed the life of a secret agent: one who blends in easily into his surroundings, but has an amazing presence of mind to save the situation and prove that 'Appearances can be deceptive!'


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