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Why do only animals require a digestive system ? 


Muthu Kumari , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 2/9/11

Hi Raja,
Animals and plants both are multicellular organisms. There is division of labour in multicellular organisms. This means that different parts of animal body perform different functions. For example, in animals alimentary canal along with accessory glands forming digestive system is involved in digestion of food.  Animals consume complex organic food which they need to digest in digestive system to get nutrients and expel out undigested food. On the other hands plants photosynthesize i.e., they prepare their own food in the form of glucose. Glucose is a simple sugar and does not require any complex organs to be broken down. Glucose is broken down in the plant cells through cellular respiration.
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Krit Shaurya , added an answer, on 1/12/11
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 here is a simple answer.
We humans depend on organism that either make their own food or has food. When we eat it, our body needs to break down the food to is basic component ei fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins. Thats the only way we can absord these basic component into our system so we could use it (other than via intravenous of course).

Plants on the other hand, only rely on light, some gases, and basic minerasl (note that these components are simple enough to be absorb thru their roots and leaves. Once these are provide to the plant, with its clhroplast it can easily make its own food - glucose.

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Swathi Thomas , added an answer, on 27/8/11

the animals either depend on organism that either make their own food or has food.So  they need digestive system to satisfy their hunger and to digest the food

animals need to digest the food in order for it to be broken down into simple substance or simple to acquire the energy that the body need for metabolic processes....

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